Case study: The Power Of Automation Through Software Solutions Created And Implemented By The Seffcon Team

Jyoti and Ravi, the two business and software development professionals behind Seffcon met Mr. Abhai Vani and Mr. Avinash from Bureau Veritas (MNC) two years ago. At that moment their team had productivity issues due to the technologies used. Their system employed a lot of manual data management resulting an increased level of errors and lack of comfort and business focus from the staff. As they were active in assessment and certification services, the staff worked on manually downloading the files to be audited from a remote server and allocating them to the other team members. All the tracking was done using Excel.

The main issues at that time were:

  • Non profitable time allocation, lack of productivity and money because of the delay in manually downloading the files from the FTP server, validating the file for its correctness and then allocating them to the team;
  • Poor security of files downloaded since they were shared on a common network folder with all users; anyone on the network could access or delete them;
  • Lack of allocation of files as at times the same file was assigned to multiple users;
  • File allocation and monitoring were tracked and maintained in an Excel sheet which frequently crashed or got corrupted, since the same file was being shared across multiple users and was left open for continuous updates. The team in this process not only lost crucial information but many times had to rework again certain files;
  • At times a single file to be audited, being huge, had to be spiltted amongst more than one users. This was difficult to track manually;
  • Hard to track the priority of files to be processed and nearly impossible to monitor who was working on which file;

Case study The Power Of Automation Through Software Solutions 1

How Seffcon approached the project and solved the issues?

  • Seffcon worked with closely with the client to understand the above issues and design a system from the ground up which worked flawlessly;
  • Seffcon developed a smart FTP tool which could simultaneously query various FTP accounts to check if there were any files available for download. This .Net based tool automatically downloaded the files and created respective entries into the web based application; the team could allocate and monitor the status of each file, analyse the time spent by the staff on the individual files and total hours invested on each file to be processed, generating various statistical and productivity reports that were required by the management;

Case study The Power Of Automation Through Software Solutions 2

All above listed issues were resolved by this solution created and implemented entirely by Seffcon.

This system is functional at 2 locations. It gives us a proud feeling when we visit their offices that every single staff member on the floor uses the solution designed and developed by our team.

Technology: VB.Net, PHP, MySql.

Team size: 2 web developers,1 QA, 1 Project Manager

Total duration: 1 year

Case study The Power Of Automation Through Software Solutions 3

Seffcon’s competitive advantages:

  • On-going communication with the client.
  • After Phase I was deployed and used by the team members successfully, Seffcon further worked on 3 more phases of the project back to back with the client;


“Seffcon is team of young and sharp professionals who understand customer needs in a jiffy and have good track record of providing almost complete solution during the UAT. Bureau Veritas Shared Services Center developed production monitoring tool which meets most of the needs and we are satisfied with quick and comprehensive support we get on fixing of issues as well as enhancement of the system. We wish Seffcon success with their existing clients and future prospects”
Avinash Sanke Global Head (I&F SSC Operations, Bureau Veritas)

“It was a great experience working with the young and responsive team of Seffcon led by Ravi. We found a very good response from the entire team during and after the project duration. They have a very strong team equipped with good technical skills. They understand the customer needs very well and always ready for any kind of support. We would certainly like to work on more projects with Seffcon. Wishing them all the success for their future assignments.”
Abhay Wani General Manager (GSIT SSC, Bureau Veritas)