Nasibeh Amiri

Founder and CEO, MEDinfinit, United States
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I am thrilled with Seffcon who has been a great development partner to MEDinfinit. Jyoti and her team have been professional, skilled, and dedicated to customer satisfaction throughout the entire design and development process. They listened to my needs, kept me informed and involved, provided budget and time estimates ahead of time, and provided excellent problem-solving skills. I highly recommend Seffcon for your software development services.

Gagan Mac

Co-founder, Allminds.
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I've had the pleasure of working with Seffcon team over the last 7 months. We required a skilled full-stack developer for a complex full-stack application. Of the firms we interviewed, their professionalism and communication stood out from the beginning. Their team communicates well, is technically proficient, and well organized. Their developer and CTO collaborated with us well and felt like a part of our in-house team. They dedicated additional QA and covered design gaps from their end, ensuring continued progress on the project. The team is proficient in React and Node and follows good coding practices. I recommend Seffcon team to any business seeking software engineering expertise and I look forward to our future projects together.

Deepa Vivekanandan

Founder and CEO, MixLife, United States
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Jyoti and her team at Seffcon have been a great development partner to MixLife. Very good at communicating regularly and keeping us posted on timelines. Also, been very open to feedback and really understanding client needs. I recommend Jyoti and Seffcon if you are looking for a development team.

Prathima Rao

CEO & Co-founder, Kin Parenting, United States
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If you are looking to hire an offshore development team I’d recommend Jyoti & her team in a heartbeat. All aspects of your development cycle from design to project management to development to deployment is handled deftly with well thought out and implemented processes. Their extensive experience working with startups was evident from day 1 of starting to work with them. Excellent communication, responsiveness and work ethic. After going through some painful experiences with offshore developers, finding Seffcon was the best thing to happen for Kin Parenting! Look forward to working with them again for future projects.

Jason Grieves

Auto Digital Solutions, Australia
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Seffcon provides our company software solutions of various kinds which have exceeded our expectations. I am amazed at Seffcon’s ability to turn our ideas into living digital reality in the form of Web Sites, Apple Applications and our customized web based marketing portal. We’re an Australian based company dealing with an amazing Indian based organization. If you’re looking for a company to provide a software solution – I highly recommend Seffcon.

Balaji Prasad

Co-founder, SavvyShopper, United States
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Seffcon Solutions is one of the more professional software development services I have come across. The leaders runs a tight ship at Seffcon and they have produced great results for the app development needs of my startup. Besides being a consummate and meticulous project manager I found them to be very detail oriented and transparent in problem scoping, analysis and final delivery. If you are looking for a professional, well-run and reliable offshore partner for your software development needs, look no further than the team at Seffcon Solutions. Full-stack software development firms like Seffcon help in accelerating the product and GTM for a young startup without consuming precious budget that the startup has at their disposal. This goes a long way in easing the life of the CEO who can then focus on customer discovery and market development.!

Madhav Prathapa

Sr. Manager – Online Operations, CtrlS Datacenter Ltd

Seffcon have been of immense help with our EDM’s. We have often given them work at the last possible hour and yet gotten very good and precise output from their team. The team at Seffcon are quick on their feet and have good creative skills. In all our experience, they have always delivered on time and never said no to further iterations too. All in all, Seffcon is a partner / associate / agency you can trust and depend on.

Mohammed Dilawar

President Nature Forever Society
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Seffcons is a very professional organization they changed the complete look of the Nature Forever Society website and now our website looks very professional our visitors have appreciated it a lot.They helped us through complete designing of the website and very helpful in doing necessary modifications. They also explained us the technicality and what was good for us. They delivered the website in record time with a very professional back-end team they have made a huge difference to Nature Forever Society.

Lina Das

Director, HR Anexi Pvt. Ltd
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Seffcon has partnered with us on various projects from “online surveys” to “customised assessments for specific workshops” to “timed case studies”. The professionalism that Ravi and his team bring to the table is a delight! They are quick, relentless and creative in their approach. Their commitment shines through right from their involvement in understanding the need, conceptualizing the design to meticulous execution. We look to partnering with the team in future to bring new and innovative virtual solutions for our clients.

Komal Kotwani

Founder, Studies Arena

Our development experience with Seffcon has been fantastic. They have adapted to our needs by exhibiting utmost flexibility. Their experience turned around a concept into an full-fledged online portal where students sign up and appear for practice Tests.

I would highly recommend Seffcon for your software development needs.

Hoda Mehr

CEO and Co-founder, Stock Card, Inc. United States
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Excellent job done! Great attention to details. Loved your focus on consistency and long-term usability of the code. Thank you and looking forward to working with you on the next big project we have together!

Andrew Gray

Founder, LookStyle. Sydney, Australia

I have been working with Seffcon for over 2 years now on a couple of projects. Being of the technical background myself, I have time and again thrown various challenges to them, and have always found them to be consistently proactive, finding feasible solutions with reasonable turn-around times, given the complexities. Their work on the LookStyle website has been commendable considering 10,00,000's of data records handled efficiently. Both Ravi and Jyoti have always been bringing their experience and guiding the team to achieve the desired output. I'd certainly recommend Seffcon Solutions if you're looking out to offload your technical responsibilities.

Mark Bernberg

Founder of The Green Fund. Sydney, Australia
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I have been in the tech industry for as long as I can remember. I have always used onshore teams (once as many as 30), and frequently had terrible experiences when offshoring anything dev or design orientated to India. That was until I worked with Jyoti and Ravi from Seffcon. I can hand on heart say that I have never been more impressed with an Agency. Their attention to detail, flawless communication and excellence in execution cannot be stated enough. I would – without hesitation – recommend them to anyone. To find a company that can communicate so well, and execute to the highest levels is a rare gem, and in this case, Seffcon is the jewel in the crown.

Satyen Kansara

Mentor, Senior Technology and Thought Leader. California, United States
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I have had the opportunity to work with Seffcon a few times in the last 7 years on multiple projects. In each project engagement, Seffcon leadership and engineers were very professional in dealings, very meticulous and thorough in architecture, design, documentation and project management, They were very proactive in communication and there were no negative surprises or slippage. All projects were completed on time, on budget with good quality.

I would recommend Seffcon as a technology partner for complex web or mobile applications.

Sapna Satagopan

Co-founder,, United States
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Jyoti’s team is building out the Xyza website and is fantastic to work with! They are uber responsive, great at coming to the table with ideas and have run with our crazy flow and changes so well! Jyoti literally keeps my sanity in check on a daily basis. I’d would highly recommend their services to start-ups they are very good at communication and creative thinking, which are the core worries of most founders.!

Deepa Nair

Project Manager, Verchaska
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This was the first time we had outsourced development of an entire module and working with Seffcon has definitely helped us enhance our confidence on Vendor Management. Seffcon, I must say worked as a Subject Matter Expert in the module provided to them for development and this smoothened the entire process from being a pure development Vendor to a partner in business.

Technically, they have provided a lot of inputs which helped enhance User experience and we were delighted at the deliverable we recieved from a quality perspective too. Jyoti and Ravi through their prompt responses and communication skills were like an icing on the cake.

Looking forward to work with Seffcon further and wishing them luck in their future endeavors.

Abhay Wani

General Manager – GSIT SSC, Bureau Veritas
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It was a great experience working with the young and responsive team of Seffcon led by Ravi. We found a very good response from the entire team during and after the project duration. They have a very strong team equipped with good technical skills. They understand the customer needs very well and always ready for any kind of support. We would certainly like to work on more projects with Seffcon. Wishing them all the success for their future assignments.

Kamran Shafaat

Chefs Diary – A Unit of Golden Catering
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Right from thinking about the appropriate domain name, to helping us with the layout of the pages, the number of pages and the flow of logic within the website, Ravi & his team of designers and coders helped us at every step possible, very often going beyond regular norms.

It is only because of their diligence, quick work and dedication that we could get this website done in a matter of 5 days. Had it not been for them, we would have struggled. Thanks to everyone at Seffcon, ChefsDiary has an absolutely relevant, fullt functional, logical and pleasing website to boast of. Cheers Seffcon!

Joe Beverly, President

Adaptable Systems Corporation
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We are delighted with our new web site re-design. It is much improved over what we had before, and we have received several nice compliments about it. We are very pleased and would recommend Seffcon to anyone looking to design a web-site.