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The safe water drinking network

App+Web Development

An iPad application for the DrinkWater platform, a platform unique and different innovations that aim to measurably reduce or eliminate plastic bottle usage. The iPad app displays the stats on impact on the environment in terms of Bottles of Water Saved, Barrels of Oil Eliminated, Carbon Emission Reduced, Litres of Water Saved based on the water consumed. We also build the backend admin portal on MEAN stack which helps the website admin to manage all information that’s displayed on the iPad.

Key Features

  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Customer Dashboard.
  • Google Charts.
  • Angular Components with Node JS.
  • Manage Customers.
  • Manage Customer Locations.
  • Manage DrinkWater Stations.
  • Manage iPad Screen Images.
  • Manage iPad Screen Titles and Descriptions.
  • Manage Calibration Factors.
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Key features for iPad app

  • Dynamic Slide show displaying environment impact statistics.
  • Customer Slides showing customer specific statistics.
  • Google Map showing the DrinkWater installed stations.
  • Quick contact Form.
  • Settings to manage slide show timers, slide orders, hide/show slides.
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