News for Kids


This is a portal for exclusive news experience for kids. It brings news to kids in a fun and engaging way both on the Web and iPhone platforms. News articles, audio, vidoes all inclusive! The users can opt for a free trial or subscribe to paid packages and leverage the services. They can also gift memberships to theirs friends. Families and educators both can subscribe to this portal.

Key Features

  • News categories
  • Popular catgeories
  • Personalized news
  • Most popular
  • Top stories
  • Ability to define different layouts on the home page
  • Infinite scrolling for displaying paginated articles
  • Upvote articles
  • Free articles restriction for visitors
  • Purchase plans
  • Upgrade/renew plans
  • Gift membership
  • Expiry reminders
  • Push notifications for expiry reminders/renwals on iPhone

App Screenshots