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Discover products – Product aggregator

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Discover 15,00,000+ products by 80+ retailers, 7500+ brands, 500+ categories and 1000+ collections. A solid product aggregation engine that is updated daily to help consumers find the best deals and promotions resulting in a best buying experience.

Key Features

  • Product aggregation specialized algorithms to extract products from various platforms that supply the product inventory of the leading e-commerce giants.
  • Leveraged Apache Solr Indexer for faster search of products.
  • Automated algorithms to appropriately categorise the various products.
  • Products search and filters.
  • Product promotions.
  • Sitemaps generation.
  • Product details.
  • Related products.
  • Watch price alerts.
  • Curate product suggestions.
  • Featured categories and products.
  • Secured member area login.
  • Wishlist products.
  • Various landing pages like retailers, brands, collections, categories.
  • SEO friendly web portal.
  • Export product feeds to Facebook commerce for increased sales.
  • Articles for product promotions.
  • Tracking user behaviour.
  • Integration with mailchimp newsletters
  • Admin portal:
    • Dashboard and analytics
    • Manage retailers, brands, collections, categories.
    • Manage articles. Link products to articles for promotions.
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