Opportunities at Seffcon Solutions

We believe that an employee is the heart of the system and a generator of the brightest ideas. This can happen when communication flows openly, and that’s the essence at Seffcon. This engages employees in a way that allows them to contribute in delivering value with every work that is done at Seffcon, whether it is producing design solutions or custom software applications or mobile solutions or even business services. We all work with a common goal to constantly improve our ability to design and develop better, and thus deliver quality solutions to our customers.

At Seffcon, you will find plenty of opportunities to learn and grow through practical hands-on exposure to the latest technologies. It’s an exciting time for us. As we continue to grow, we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our new employees as we are to our customers. We pride ourselves on being not only customer-focused but also people-centric.

Our organization is confronting new ventures. The world of Seffcon’s web and mobile development specialty is an exciting area to work, and we’ll continue working to ensure that our organization remains on the cutting edge.

We are a young team of enthusiastic professionals and believe in balancing work and play. Birthdays at Seffcon are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Offsite get togethers are also organized at regular intervals. Freedom is important – the real driving factor is the shared vision and passion of our team.

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