About us

Who We Are

We, at Seffcon Solutions are a team of dedicated professionals with +28 years of combined expertise helping clients worldwide to save money and increase business through the power of automation and building personalised web and software solutions.



Founder and CEO

Ravi is a global mobile champion. He is a strong leader who has a long history of building projects from the ground up, and driving profitable win-win business scenarios. His insight adds tremendously to our arsenal of capabilities, and his deep experience helps in building core teams that get results. Ravi has been working in the Internet space for more than 15 years, working with businesses around the world, both big and small, established and start-up.



Founder and CTO

If there is a job in web and mobile development, Jyoti has held it. A leader of exceptional skill, she has been instrumental in bringing together a crack team of world-class experts at Seffcon Solutions. And her involvement in everything from large business transitions to quality improvement has made her an invaluable asset. She brings over 14 years’ experience of coding, building, developing, managing and all-around service.