Six Reasons Why You Need A Website

So you are the owner or proprietor of a small-business or trade. You may be aware of other businesses having their own business website but are sure that you don’t need one. Or maybe you think it is unaffordable for you. Or alternatively, you think that you don’t need one since your business has nothing to do with computers. You don’t sell anything related to computers, therefore you don’t need to have a presence on the Web.This and the others are nothing but misconceptions that you harbor in your mind.

No matter how small your audience may be today, no matter what size your business is, no matter what products you sell, it is still important to have a professional website.

Though one can list a 100 reasons why you need a website for your business, let’s just look at six for now:

1. A platform on which to showcase your work

A website is a great place to showcase your work. By including a portfolio or photo gallery of your services/products, as well as testimonials about your work, you can demonstrate how your services stand out and why they are unique. Let’s consider that your firm sells nail art services. Obviously, this has nothing to do with computers so you think you don’t need a website. But look at it this way: having a website will allow you to put up your completed works up for anyone to see from anywhere in the world. Tomorrow, visiting foreign tourists may land up at your doorstep just because they saw your works online and want to be a prospective customer.

Or a local wedding planner looking for such a service happens to find your firm through the website and you end up getting bumper orders! The possibilities are endless.

2. Affordable advertising

Newspaper and TV ads are not one time expenses and they are getting expensive by the day. To promote yourself and your firm, you need some form of advertising.

A website can prove to be a cheap means of advertising in the long run because the major costs are only one time and once the website is running, the regular costs will not be too heavy.

3. Forever On

A retail store or office to sell your products/services can only have some amount of open time. You may be closed on a weekday or on a weekend. But a website is always available to both your regular and potential customers 24×7,365 days a year (depending of course on the downtime of Web servers) providing them with the convenience of checking your products and services anytime. People being extremely busy in their lifestyles today juggling multiple roles and tasks, this will make a great difference to them. Consider that your firm sells toys. A family has forgotten to purchase toys for their little son’s birthday and wants to buy something at the last minute. At 10 pm, most of the local stores are shut but your website gives them an option to buy online. Obviously, they will jump on such an offer and become ready customers.

4. Bigger Reach

A small business having a local store in the neighborhood can only hope to attract local customers. But a website on the Internet can attract a global customer base and even people sitting in remote Japan can buy your products through the click of a button. This can help grow your revenue enormously.

5. Get instant feedback

Through contact forms on your website, you can receive feedback from the customers that can go a long way in improving your services or giving you a morale boost (if the feedback is full of glowing words).

6. Time saver

Conventionally you give out information to your customers through brochures, pamphlets, phone calls, in-person meetings or via e-mails. With an online service/product catalogue, you can readily provide information about your products and services in lesser time. Time saved is money saved.

Now that you have seen these reasons, it’s time to get a head start. We, at Seffcon, specialize in converting your business ideas into an Internet presence. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or drop us a mail and set the ball rolling!

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