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As of today, many businesses have an Internet presence. This not only helps reach a wider audience worldwide, but also helps them greater revenue, as prospective customers can avail of their services anytime, being anywhere.

An interesting thing to note is that over 80% of Internet users worldwide today are smartphone owners.

Thus, with the current trend of being mobile savvy and accessing the Internet from smartphones, it becomes important and essential to have a mobile version of your business site.

If you haven’t yet moved your business website to a mobile-friendly version, here’s some crucial reasons why you should do so immediately:

1. Growing Number of Mobile Internet Users

The mobile phone market which was around 4.08 billion users globally in 2012 rose by 6.2% in 2013 to reach a whopping 4.33 billion users. Back then, a report from market research firm eMarketer predicted that mobile phone users would exceed 1.75 billion in 2014. This turned out to be true and right now, the estimations and forecasts point to around 5.13 billion users globally by 2017.

This means nearly 69% of world’s population is expected to use mobile phones in 2017.


The market is currently flooded with low cost smartphones so much that even your local neighborhood milkman can afford one. And high-end sophisticated smartphones with powerful features are every gadget aficionado’s prime purchases.

2. mCommerce is in!

In the last 5 years or so, mCommerce has grown rapidly (over 5000% according to Capgemini & IMRG report) causing several small businesses to revamp their business websites. Your competitors and rivals may be among these. To survive and even stay ahead of them, you need to take advantage of this new trend and ensure your business is ready for mCommerce.

3. Reuse your existing business website

You need not begin from scratch and spend loads of money to go mobile. With a clever strategy, you can revamp your existing business model into a mobile-friendly model.

4. Exploit the online shopping audience and market

More and more people are choosing to do their shopping online to save money, energy and time. People going to and from work on long commutes prefer to order groceries on the mobile and may shop for other essentials and products online via their smartphones. Exploit this prospective customer segment and reap huge benefits.

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